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keeping you cool, calm & coordinated


Non-to-Sense is a group that recognizes the unique struggle of organization and planning on the neurodivergent mind. People's lives are chaotic and never really follow the path we might envision, and that's okay. Things happen, we get distracted and pulled away. When that happens, your planner should work with you, not against you, so that when you finally pick it back up again, you do not feel bullied by those empty dated pages that were never used.


Here at Non-to-Sense, we have designed a planner meant to pillar the needs of your neurodivergence. We want you to take control and find the confidence to decide what that looks like for you. With our planner, you do not have to conform to the definition of "successful planning" that traditional planners provide. We know and recognize that success is just as unique as you are! 

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