Named the 'Story of My Life', this Notion template represents Non-to-Sense's first step into the digital and tech space! Thanks to Notion, we are able to offer to you another way to use our ADHD planners! 


Adapted to work within Notion, this template maintains what makes our original planners perfect for the ADHD brain; it is made by neurodivergent people for neurodivergent people, structured yet customizable, and has LOTS of brain dump space! In fact, the main attraction of this template is the completely self-sufficiant 'Brain Drain' that will automatically organize your brain dumps, as well as populate your calendar and weekly views! Basically, we built a brain so that you won't have to use yours. This automated 'Brain Drain' section will allow you to focus on what's important: writing that shit down! 


What's included in the Notion template:

- Dashboard

- Monthly Calendar 

- Weekly Calendar Page

- Non-to-Sense ADHD Daily Pages

- Habit Tracker

- Monthly Highlights Section

- Brain Drain

- Reading List

- Watch List

- ADHD Recipe List


Want to learn more? Watch the template tour here:

ADHD Notion Template